Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-03-25 07:35:06 (UTC)

meet me behind the ferris wheel

My brother and his wife came home. I had to inform them
their dog ran away, they cried, we spent a couple hours
driving around, and then we found it. relief at last

i saw a sign with a friend that read...."need people to
tear down carnival $7 an hour cash (here comes the best
part) meet behind the ferris wheel at 9pm if interesed"
isn't that funny

i am working on a new song I have been working on it for
about 2 months now I am almost done. I like to work on
songs till I feel they are perfect. I hope people will
agree with my judgement.

sometimes I wonder if people knew what I had done and
thought in my life if they would still think so highly of

movie-one hour photo(good flick, great colors)
music-ben folds(amazing)
book-namedropper(quite good so far)