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2003-03-25 03:05:50 (UTC)

How to be profitable - from water to grapefruit juice

I read some book about to be rich. It says to save half of
everything you win. And uses the rest for food and clothes
and shoes. And if left something to pay bills.
It has reason when you are a labour. You ask half of cash to
buy rocks and sand and build a house. When the buiding is
made you receive the other half. Then you just received the
party to buy the raw for building house. After did it you
receive the pay by work. It is the revenue. When you are
in a job you receive half to buy and rest is the revenue.
It is what you may save. Because if you work to pay bills
you are not a real worker. And it voids you of making debts
for future. You will only uses what left and will start to
pay yourself instead of banks. You will lend cash for banks
and they will pay you interest rates for you. Usually shoppings sell you things and carries interest rates.
Then you did not buy anything but make a debt. And they
make a lend to you. The shopping is like a bank but instead
of cash they lend you expensive manufactures that after a
season will expires warranty. After that you need to buy
another manufacture and start to pay then the interest rates.
To be rich is to lend them cash or work and receive back with interest rates. Saving it on bank could make your
revenue starts earning for you.
With earning of interest rates you can buy things on
shopping. The cash you get from work or job is for you and not to pay shopping or bank.
Better day for heros that believe that there is hunger and food is what could solve it.