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2003-03-25 04:08:46 (UTC)

Don't Kill Me, Freaky Jason

Here I am again...popless, meatless, and all
chocoliciousness sapped from every fiber of my being. In
other words, I'm craving my Lenten forbidden fruits like a
crackhead needing another hit. This has been the most
difficult Lent yet, and I had to listen to Scooter talk
about a footer w/sauce all day and watch Michelle & Tami
eat steaks while I had to make do w/grilled salmon that was
mediocre at best. Argh, to be a Catholic.

We got a new girl at work today (I pulled yet another
10 hour day w/no lunch or break) but Scooter & I don't
think she'll last. The problem w/my job is that people
seem to think it's simply counting pills and dropping them
in the hole...if those jerks only knew. I'm a stress case
half of the time. If the people I work with weren't so
cool I don't know how I'd be able to stand it. On a daily
basis I fight with the computer, Medicaid (how I looove
those welfare patients!), nurses, idiots that take care of
the retarded people (no joke there-they really are
retarded), and Juanita Payton. I don't care if I am
violating a federal law of privacy-I cannot stand that
woman. She's the most craptacular personage of my
acquaintance. But I shall NOT climb upon my vocational
soapbox at this time, since I gripe about it so much one
would think I would have out of my system by the hour of

I also don't want to write about this war...I'm so
scared it will end up being WWIII. But a part of me is
dying to enlist, just so I can help fight for something I
believe in and that my stupid little life is not just a