my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-25 03:02:11 (UTC)

i am soooo tired.. running running running... its all i have been doing

ok so today.. school=boring english= coloring my hair with
sharpy markers.... all the colors of the rainbow=me
wanting to shoot myself b/c i got yelled at for doing that
and not read the fucking birds thing which=hanging out
with maria john and dave.... going to the book store which
=buying the book pulp fiction which = finishing my report
for englishsomeday soon b/f fri i hope which =then going
to crossgates to get a fuse which they didnt have at radio
shack and umm gel for maria which cvs didnt have and umm
buying a blunt at the little place buy the food court..
then getting sub way... FOR FREE B/C ME AND MARIA ARE SEXY
BITCHS... then ummm we lost the car in the parking lot...
i was singing like an ass..i saw the old guy from tsx in
the parking lot and many many ppl thought i was on drugs.
then wal-mart here we come... to get gel... we went in
there caused a scean... tim and ummm tracy thoguht we were
on drugs... then off to the parking lot again. and yeah i
broke the lock on the passenger side door of marias car a
while back and you have to do that one manually....
fucking A... so i wate and they drove away with me still
out side of the car. and i chased them around for like 5
min. then dave was on the phone with mr..... well haha....and then umm tanning. b95.5 and
delila fucking suck my ass hole. let me tell ya. ughh 10
min felt like and hr. then back up here. i told my mom i
was having a party and about the sub thing. she laughed at
me then went to bed. they all left and umm then i took a
shower... now i am going to do my home work and go to bed.
later skaters im out.

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