skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-03-25 02:35:33 (UTC)

Well its been

Well today was an ok day i guess. I still dont have a date
to sadies but i will find one. But on the other hand i have
a date on saturday with this freshman that goes to pioneer
who is name Angela shes cool. She said shes liked me since
i was in the 8th grade so that was weird. And then today i
started to talk to this girl named melanie she transfered
from st paul and shes my age but she skipped a grade so now
shes a senior. Shes cool. But the bigger thing is that i
dont have a date to sadies. This sucks so bad i really want
to go with someone. And today i heard that this guy Jacob
broke up with adrianna so now im pissed shes my best friend
and i dont like to see her hurt. Oh yeah and before i
forget Ashley is so awesome because she wrote a journal
entry about me so yea. Thats it
So i'll keep counting the days

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