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2003-03-25 02:24:17 (UTC)

More Memories

There are a lot more memories that I have of CA with
Chris. Little things that happened. Things like my
slipping and falling in the rain and getting my knees all
dirty, and my making up a new word (asshat) and seeing Old
School because I knew he'd never see it if someone didn't
force him (not that I would have either, but it was fun to
make him groan about it. It was funny for what it was
though), my knowing the words to every song that came on
the radio while we were driving and beating him at Trivial

Just little stuff that friends do. It was awesome. I can't
say that enough.

Another good thing is that this "everything is gonna work
out and I'm gonna do something to ensure my happiness"
feeling has lasted. Before I left, I was having some
issues with one of my managers and it was stressing me
out. But she tried to get me to do things her way today,
and I just let it roll off me and told her, politely, that
what she wanted wasn't gonna happen. She wasn't pleased,
but I really don't care. She means nothing in the greater
scheme of things.

I should be doing my homework.


PS- Mackenzie; are you ok? How's it going? Still with me?

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