Visions Of Life
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2003-03-25 00:48:18 (UTC)

Some People Have No Lives

I frequently post on It is is almost a little
internet society. But today, people proved how pathetic
they can be. I wasnt even on the board today but there was
a whole conversation about me. Mostly negative things like
how I am slut and fat, etc. I find it funny that people
have nothing better to do then insult me on the internet,
when i am not even there! It is sad yet funny.

I am wondering how having a pic of my ass makes me a slut.
Or maybe its because I sleep with my future husband.
Internet people are funny. Did make my day tho =)

On a different note- went to a job fair today. Heard alot
of people talking. My favorite convo was when this older
guy said the last time he was out of work, Bush was
president. Then his son comes along and he gets laid off

We will see what happens on the job front.