insane inside 2
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2003-03-25 00:31:06 (UTC)

another fight....

today was like most mondays...the day started off alright i
got some adarell from this one kid i took them n
i rolled all day its sweet...the day went on pretty fast n
it was a good day i guess i didnt get in trouble for a
finley it was 6th hour.gym we were playing vollyball so as ppl set
up the net so i started walking over to the room with all the junk in
it n my boy nick was comming out n we talked for a sec.n then he left
n i went up to my boy firend n he started bitching at me saying i
flirt with all the guys n i cant take all this bullshit...i cant be
with a guy thats jealous over evey thing i need someone that wont
wigg when im out..but its about 10pm n hes on the fone with me n he
said sorry