2003-03-25 00:14:22 (UTC)

Morning in Town, Chores in the Afternoon

This morning we went to Albany to do our shopping. I
bought four pots of flowers for the front porch at Home
Base, seven loaves of bread and a dozen hamburger buns for
a little over $5 at the bread store, did a lot of food
shopping at Costco where we also bought gas($1.83 a
gallon), followed by more food shopping at Safeway. While
I was at Safeway John brought Hugh to the mall and bought
him a pair of shoes. By this time, the back of the van was
full so we left for home and arrived just at lunch time.
After putting all the groceries away, we ate lunch and
then, while John took a nap, I did my chores. I made a
lemon cake, decided on dinner menus for the rest of the
week, planned a strawberry shortcake for tonight's dessert
(but I want to make sure there are enough strawberries left
to make a couple of strawberry-rhubarb pies--one is for
Aunt Janet), stripped the beds and begin washing the
sheets, and (after John gets up) I plan to vacuum.
We're doing revolving naps around here. After John got
up,I made our bed but saw that Hugh had crashed on the sofa
and Owen was asleep in his room. A while later Owen got up
but then Gavin had fallen asleep in the recliner in the
living room, Hugh was still sleeping on the sofa and John
had gone in to take a second nap (after drinking a cup of
tea I'd fixed him.) So I still haven't gotten to the