it's one crazy, fucked up (boring) l
2003-03-24 23:59:45 (UTC)

a good day?

oh wow, i have had such a great couple of days....kyler
over on thursday, rotc ball on friday, shopping saturday,
and the little kids play on sunday:) it was a pretty good
weekend! oh man the rotc ball was wicked fun, honestly i
didn't think it would be cuz me and my date richie had
never really really talked before, but it was sooo fun! i
think mark needs to lay off the drugs, and dan williams
and his girlfriend needed to get a fuckin room or stop
having sex out on the dance floor...either one would have
been great. Richie was wicked sweet, and wicked funny. At
first it was a little awkward, but then when i realized
that nobody cared about what i looked like or how i acted,
i had so much more fun:)
but i have to go eat so i'll finish later........

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