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2003-03-24 22:10:39 (UTC)

March 24, 2003

well so far this week has started off being 10 times
better than it was last week.

Ew. I had the worst week ever last week. It was just
gross- gross weather, n u know those days where you just
feel UGLY n GROSS? yea i had a few of those! lol. but
admist all that i got my prom dress n a date fer the
weekend. *heehee*

Well, first off- my prom dress. Yes i picked one! At
davids bridal. I must say i am a bit proud of it. at
first i was HIGHLY skeptical of the whole get dressed up
thing, but the dress is really nice. Its plain with about
half inch straps n its deep blue-violet satin-y material.
n i have gloves, n shoes, n a handbag, n jewlwery all to
go with it. yea i guess i'm starting to get a bit excited
fer the prom. :)

Annnd- Frankie (my prom date) took me to the movies
this weekend. it was nice- the movie was way strange. We
saw Willard, that rat movie. It was way creepy, but it was
kinda cool all the camera shots n stuff. Whoever directed
it was totally awesome. The only way i can explain it is
a mix between Mouse Hunt and the Royal Tenebaums (my FAV
movie EVER! its gear fab! lmao!!!) it was an alright
time i guess....

OOOhhhh i got so mad at tim fernandez today!!! He's a
good kid, n really funny sometimes- but i'm sorry he can
just say the STUPIDEST things! I HATE the war i
absolutely hate every thing about it!! So today during
health class he was like i wanna go to war- i wanna figh
in the war bla bla bla. wat an idiot! n i've heard him
say it before. Now dont mistake what he said to be
patriotic or anything- wanting to fight for his country n
shit. Hes just a friggin idiot. so i yelled at him. i
sed "tim, shut the hell up- yer so ignorant cuz u dont
even know wat yer talkin about!" n he was like "err yea i
do...!" bla bla bla- friggin re re. "ok, so why do you
wanna go to war timmy?" "I hate iraqies- i wanna kill em
all" "Yer a frigin moron- we're tryin to HELP the iraqie
citizens!" agrr i swear to god that boy is dumb as dirt!