files of the weenie kid
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2003-03-24 19:46:18 (UTC)

polka polka dots

I am sooo sore. I've been walking like an old man!
Yesterday after church we went out to chinese food, and
then we had karate practice for like 3 hours. Matt and
Catlina went with us. He's really cool and funny. here's
how I feel about him as of right now...
Well, before yesterday, I wasn't interested, I wasn't gonna
go for it at all...the only reason being that he wasn't
christian...then yesterday he got saved. So that changed my
whole point of view. So right now, I still don't have a
crush on him, but I think that he's got potential. Del said
if I don't like him, I'm a lesbian... but that's stupid,
just cos she likes him...she's just jealous cos he likes
me, and not her! haha. Well....I don't know. I'll ask
Nathan what he thinks...

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