Blood, Fire, Tears, and Misery
2003-03-24 19:43:53 (UTC)

strange events last night

well, i don't know where to start...

i ended up getting dressed up and going to the club last
night to meet david, we chatted all night and had a grand
old time...then i went home with him, i'm kinda confused i
don't know what to think...we dated for a month last year
but it ended because he lives 45 minutes away and i'm
really busy with school and work....

he kept saying how cute i am and how he always liked me...i
don't know whether i should pursue this or just play it
cool...i did have fun last night, but you've got to
understand, david is kinda full of himself, it doesn't come
out very often but it does peak his head in every now and
then...well, i'm not going to call him, so i guess i'll
just wait and see if he calls me, i'm pretty sure he will...