Nick's Journal
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2003-03-24 18:10:47 (UTC)

Has my life become boring?

you know sometimes i start writing a journal and i just
stop because i realize that it's going nowhwere. i mean i
know that nothing funny will pop up out of it, and nothing
interesting really happened to me. i'im starting to come
to the realization that nothign really happens that's
worth noting. not that i want anything to happen. i mean
i love my anonymity, actually i thrive on it. i love
being able to walk down the street and being invisible.
i'd hate to be a celebrity cos there'd be no way i could
deal with that shit all the time. i mean i love bing able
ot stand somwhere and to observe people without having a
big procession going on in my name.
like for example this guy in front of me that ordered a
sub the other day. i'm standing there, and looking at
this guy in disgust. he's the clean-cut white boy type,
with the hair that sticks up and the really nice clothing
all wrapped together with a very expensive watch on his
wrist, his slutty girlfriend learing at him as if he's the
saviour amongst men (which i'm sure he thinks he is). i'm
thinking about bombs over baghdad as he says, "ummm do you
have lite mayo" (which coincidentally gave me the
proposition for the previous journal)....lite mayo?
you're a guy. you have nuts, you take realy mayo! jesus
christ, he was anythign but fat and he was a GUY!! he
wasn't some morbidly obese chick, or some flimsically
flabby female.
i think the latter are the most seen. the flimsically
fat. you know they ahve a little bit of flab hanging here
or there. crazy. anyhow, i think it's an atrocity if a
guy eats like a pansy. i mean jesus, even seinfeld noted
the idiocy of ordering a salad for dinner.
don't girls want a guy who eats like a man? eh.
so my life is just a series of inane observations that
really don't amount to too much excitement.
i'm sure even the retarded guys at mcdonald's ahve a more
interesting life. seriously those guys are retarded.
it's the only place i can go wasted off my ass and feel
like i'm einstein.
"i'ddd liiiikeeee a quarter qounder bit cheese"
see what i mean? they're retarded.

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