My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-03-24 16:50:12 (UTC)

Okay.. no topic...

March, 24th, 10:30 A.M..
6th period.. BCIS

Hey! Its to early for me.. way to early. Im in my
buisness/computer crap class.. that we have to take
eventually or we cant pass.. *those bastards* yeah. Not
to much went on this weekend.. since im grounded... Satan
has givin me like.. 5432654263 and 1 reasons on WHY im
grounded.. so i cant tell you which one. Everything i do
wrong, she claims thats what im grounded for. Shes
physco. yeah. anyways... uhh.... i wish i had fun
information to tell you about.. but i dont. but heres my
weekend ANYWAY.

Friday:: Well.. Um.. Friday my friend Leslie came over
for the night.. and we did like.. a whole lotta nuffin.
litterly. we sat around and watched movies and stuff. just
hung out. i hadnt seen her in a while so either way it was
good getting to see her.. Then Matt called me (my
boyfriend) and i talked to him for like, 2 hours. it was
great fun... then.. around like.. 3.. i took my meds and
eventually fell asleep.

Saturday:: Well, Leslie got up at freakin the ass crack of
dawn, and went in the living room to watch cartoons..
lol.. and i slept till like.. 10:00, i walk in the living
room, and sit down, and then Matthew calls me to tell me
hes going to skate over.
(10:30) Oh Good God, can we say.. Mad Rush? so, i make my
self wake up, and try to look half way decent.. and about
30 minutes later.. he strolls up to my door. (11:30) skate
board in hand. yeah. i forgot he lives like.. on the
other side of town.. so i felt kinda special. :o). haha.
so, we go outside and skate for like, a few hours, and
leslie brought out some cigarettes, so it was great fun.
lol.. so me and matt are skating.. (well hes skating.. and
then hes messing me up when i am,, so i fall on my ass..
like.. 543534 times) it hurt. and then leslie had to go
home around, 1:30 or so? because her mom is litterly
Hitler. so me and matt are outside skatin around, and then
it starts to rain, so we dit on my porch, on pillows,
under a blanket, eating pop tarts. it was so freakin
funny to watch peoples _expression to see us.. not inside?
so like, an hour later, my mom comes home, freaks out hes
there.. she calms down. and then takes him home around 6.
SO, then apparently i HAVE to go to Midevil Times.. (oh
good lord.. i know..) with:: My mom, My grandmother, my
aunt heather, uncle chris, my great aunt Judy, my Second
Cousin Dubbie, and her son Tyler (my 3rd cousin) and my
other second cousin Kym and her son Chase (alos my 3rd
cousin) Chase was the only person CLOSE to my age.. and
he was 15. so. yes. it was HELL? Well.. except for Kym
smuggled me and Chase liquor, Chase is so freakin awesome,
my uncle chris thinks hes super man.. hes an awesome guy,
and my aunt dubbie is freakin awesome to hang out with.
shes bad ass. so yeah. i got home around like.. 10:30 -
11ish.. and took a shower and went to bed. being bored
takes up so much energy. lol.

Sunday:: Well, sunday, i woke up at like, 11.. and we
went over to my Great Aunt Judys, to take some pictures
before the stars game (we were all in jerseys, it was
cute) and we went by tonys and he had my old dog Broux!
(pronounced Bro) i got him in like, 4th grade, hes so old.
lol. so yes. i was excited. we had to leave him in
lousiana when we moved to TX, but, he got him back. so
happy day. then it was the Hockey Game. (stars won, 3 to
1) we sat right behind the stars bench. (like the
usual.. either that, or box seats.. or 3 rows up center
ice) ah, i love the sport of hockey! :o)!! i enjoyed that.
so i was pretty tried, and pretty horse, so , we got home
around... 11:30.. and i went to bed.

Well.. thats my weekend.. yay? lol.. i better get going..
im supposed to be doing a project. Auidos!

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