UnBrEaK My HeArT
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2003-03-24 15:23:47 (UTC)


Alright so I have offically decided I am not a fan of being
sick. Having a sinus infection and upper respatory
infection is just not fun. Damn my immune system! I know
I should have stayed home when I realized I was gettin sick
but what 17 year old wants to sit home on a Friday night!?
Oh well. This weekend was fun. Kinda random but I guess
thats what makes it all good. Even though I was sick
Saturday night some good friends that I have known all my
life came over and we had a girls night. It was a lot of
fun. No matter whats going on in our lifes or no matter
how long it has been since we have talked we can always
just pick up where we left off and it feels like we never
stopped talking. I love those girls! This war thing is
kinda scaring me. It seemed so fake when it first started
but now seeing and hearing about people dying is such a
shock. Ugh,war. Hopefully itll all be over soon.
Alright well I think I just used up all the energy I had.
Back to bed!
Luv Ya