2003-03-24 15:01:44 (UTC)

Quilting and More

I've found a few more patriotic quilt patterns online to
print out and add to my folder of such stuff. I have
patterns for quilts, socks and hats. I'm thinking of going
back to knitting hats for charity. I have a book on reserve
at the library which has several very suitable patterns so
I'll probably just wait until that book becomes available.
It's been ordered by the library, but not yet received, and
I'm first in line to check it out.
After going through several boxes of fabrics, I found those
I want to use for the border of American Spirit. I've cut
out the flowers, vines and leaves. I still have to cut out
three stars and the letters for "United We Stand".
There was an article in today's Sunday Parade about the
power of prayer. I find if very calming to say the rosary
and try to say it at least once a day. If the weather's
nice it's easy enough to put the rosary in my pocket and say
it as I walk. It takes about 20-25 minutes to say which is
a fairly good walk for me. I feel much better the days that I
do that and believe it's from the combination of exercise
and prayer.