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2003-03-24 14:16:34 (UTC)

country clubs and Mallrats

wooo I'm exhausted and my leg hurts. Me poor leg :(.
Saturday, I went to the punk show at the Phoenixville Y.
Twas fun. I got a shirt and a sticker out of the whole
thing, and Cory finally paid me back for the $5 I lent him
last June or July. Fun fun fun.

Sunday, that was a CHRIS DAY! weee. He picked me up at
around 12:30, took like an hour to get back to his house
when it usually takes 20-30 minutes. hehe. And then, we
were supposed to leave for Penny Packer country club
(yeah, his family's rich. weee.) at around 2, and we
didn't leave until around 2:40, so his parents were late
for their tennis game. Chris "showed me around" the club.
And then I tried to ride a scooter...that scared the shit
out of me. No more scooter for me. blah. And then, the
highlight of my day, me & Chris took out our water bottles
and had a sword fight (water bottle fight?). I won, of
course. yep. I always win.

And why does my leg hurt? Well, in Penny Packer, this one
building has an upstairs. The stairs are steep. On the way
down the stairs, I fell. weeee.

Yeah, so today I'm incredibly tired. Like seriously,
INCREDIBLY tired. And I'm blabbering and acting like an
idiot. weee. more later.