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today is the greatest day
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2003-03-24 13:59:03 (UTC)

Oscar Night

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but if you
cultishly read my diary entries (I don't flatter myself to
believe that anybody really does) you might have picked up
that I am a massive film buff. Yup! I'm a real nerd with
movies... and tonight was oscar night.. the night in which
all film-nerds like myself are allowed to delve their
deepest into the critiquing circle of cinema. The funniest
thing about the accademy awards is that all film fans get
so frustrated at the chosen winners. We all hate the
politics of the accademy, yet we look forward to it every
year with such anticipation, marking it on our
callendars... cinema's night-of-nights... the oscars. Well
all in all I have to say that I am quite pleased this year
with decisions that were made by the accademy. Best picture
went to "Chicago" my second choice for the prize but still
it's a great film and deserving to be in that place... (I
was really hoping for "the pianist" to win, but oh well)..
most of the awards were taken out by those two films
though, which is great. Director went to 'Roman Polanski'
which was a brave decision by the accademy, because of
course we all know that that man is a convicted
paedophile.. but with that out of the way, he is one of the
greatest film-makers of all time and well-deserving of the
oscar. Nicole Kidman won her actress oscar.. her career
really has been deserving of that for quite some time...
and Adrien Brody won best actor in a tough field.. my
theory is that he will be the next Robert De Niro type
actor... but not quite as tough though. Hmm well aside from
the oscars... I also went to Uni today.. drama class.. all
good fun again. I am listening to Radiohead - Blow Out..
the best song from their first album.. well isn't that
interestng.. what's the bet that nobody reading this entry
will give a damn? I'm not gonna answer that question.
Anyways.. night night now... oooohh buy the way.. Australia
flogged India in the world Cup last night and I'm happy!...
go Aussie go! we rain supreme in the world of cricket!
(hehe).. I don't know if i'm being sarcastic or not... THE