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2003-03-24 09:49:53 (UTC)

General life stuff

Why the fuck does everyone assume I know everything about
Dave? I got asked so many questions today over dinner. All
questions about Dave which I did not know answers to. I was
able to answer maybe two out of all the questions posed at
me. The response was that I talk to him more than the
people who were asking. Those people being John and a
couple we know. Every question that came up was directed at me.

I had to explain that I'm out of the loop on most things
dealing with Dave right now. We have no clue if it's
offical that he and E are engaged or not. Also no clue if
his parents know how serious he and E are. I know he was
very worried about his Mother flipping out about E being
Mormon. At least he was worried before they started dating.
I hope she flips out on him and talks some sense into him.

In case you didn't get it from my sonnet I just wrote I
don't like E. I honestly don't know much about her and
certainly not enough to form a real opinion of her, but I do
not like her. I feel she is not right for him, but I don't
think I can tell him that.

My plan is to talk to him one of these nights early next
school quarter about a bunch of stuff. I figure I'll drink
some so I can loosen up and ask him things I wouldn't ask
sober. I need to get answers and that's the only way I'm
going to feel comfortable enough to ask him some stuff. I
also need to pump him for info so when I get tons of
questions aimed at me I can have answers. Maybe I can even
mention that I so far don't like her, but that might get me
on his shit list and I don't want that. I don't know how I
would get back in his good graces. I'd have to show up at
his place and sit on his doorstep until he let me in or Cal
would jump down his throat for me.

He and I are possibly getting together on Thursday. I gave
him choices of Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. He had better
not back out on me. We decided while chatting so I'd better
call him on Tuesday and confirm. Just so he knows it was a
real thing, not just a thing to chat about.

I know he knows I'm serious about getting together, but he
sometimes doesn't remember internet things as well as verbal
things. Besides we have not come up with a plan as to what
to do or where. I'm guessing he wants to keep it short and
simple, but I don't know. He mentioned getting coffee in
his voicemail on Friday. That would be fine with me. I
just need 5 minutes or more of his time so I can see if he
is honestly doing well or not. I do worry that he is not ok
and I hope I would be able to see that right away if it was
the case.

I had some dream last night that he was in. I do not
remember what it was about though. Oh well. I don't think
his girlfriend was in my dream...or a representation (sp?)
of her since I don't know what she looks like. I hope I get
to meet her one of these days. If I were more outgoing I
could say shit to her, but I guess it's a good thing I don't
tend to cause waves in life.

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