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2003-03-24 09:01:45 (UTC)

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Like I said in my previous entry, things happen for a
reason. What the reason is, well who the hell knows but
you can never go wrong with the simple answer..."it just
So Ive been hanging out with this guy for a while, he is a
great guy and I say this with confidence that my friends
would even agree with me. But the few people I want to
tell about this guy to are extremly busy. But eventually
they will find out. They will even find out a little bit
of stuff in here....
Ive found this guy who I can fall asleep in his arms at
night and not have to worry about doing anything I dont
want to do. I wont say that nothign has happend because
some stuff has, like before nothing to lose my bet and
nothing no more then g-rated. My favorite part about this
is that im very comfortable with him, and there isnt a
title. I dont feel tied down and there is no using one
person or another. And some people might be happy because
everytime we are together we are sober and there isnt any
bad decisions being made.
Welllll thats all I have to say for now. bye

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