The crazy world of me
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2003-03-24 05:53:09 (UTC)

i dont understand people

So what is going on kids? Yeah things are going pretty
good here. I am so glad we have spring break this week
because I really need this break from school so i am not
going to snap on someone.
So I have been talking to Ricky a lot lately and last
night he called and I was like hey so why was it that you
called because you know when you call someone you usually
have a reason if it was to hear there voice or whatever.
And he was like I was going to ask you if you wanted to
come over but then I realized you couldn't. I was like
what so we could just chill and he said no I was think a
long the lines of you releive me and I you or something
like that. I was like umm don't you have a girlfriend.
Yeah so I really don't think that, that relationship will
last long. Because everytime I talk to him he is like
talking about screwing me or whatever. We have really
sexual conversations. Which is not always a good thing
because I know if it came down to it I wouldn't turn him
down. I would not even be thinking about his girlfriends
feelings. And I ahve always said that I wouldn't do that
to someone because I wouldn't want it to be done to me.
But I just know if I was in that kind of mood or whatever I
would do it. I can't help it he gets me going. I would
end up feeling like shit for it. Anyway I will keep you
guys updated on that.
Oh so that guy Ryan I like from my work he has been
telling me a lot of stuff lately like with stuff that has
been bothering him and all that good stuff. Thats how it
all started with Ricky he had me to talk to and then we
ended up screwing sometime after. But I for real don't
know what is going to go on there. Probably nothing. But
I am going to go. Bye

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