The Nightshade Princess
2003-03-24 05:03:30 (UTC)

The seer

Tonight, I fill the role of mysti, of seer. I
performed a number of divinatory card readings for a few of
those close to me. Some concerned situations of whose
existance I had been made aware, yet others remained murky
to me and crystal clear to my listeners. Sometimes, after
completing a reading, I paused and had a sudden revelation
as to the nature of the question, or the situation being
referenced. This was quite a fascinating feeling. After I
had finished for the evening, I found that my sixth sense
was sharpened, and I could read situations and people more
easily, even without the cards as an aid. This realization
did not surprise me, however, as I knew that power does not
come from the cards, it comes from within myself, and they
are but a tool. Why, then, should it be otherwise? I sm
tired, though. I will sleep as soon as my mind would have