No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-03-24 02:01:39 (UTC)

Maybe a ray of hope...maybe not...hard to tell anymore

Well, I told my dad everything that happened. He deserved
to know anyways, but I was looking for the right time. I
asked his opinion and hoped it might help my mom, I know
they dont wanna talk, but I think just his opinion will
help. He was very level headed and very calm about it. I
told my mom that I told my dad and I am going to show her
the e-mails etc. I think it might be in my favor to do so.
He seems to think I should be allowed at Prom etc. (go dad)
and so do I. So, maybe? I dunno...I'll find out more when
my mom is ready to read the e-mails tonight. She is curious
to know more about his opinion. But, it's best they dont
talk becasue they fight. People were so worried about him
coming and trying to get custody. But he understands that
things happen, and that mom really didn't know to stop us.
So, it isn't her fault. He understood that, I knew he
would. So, maybe things will get better? Maybe now my mom
and I can further talk without yelling? Maybe this will
help me? Just maybe? It's worth a shot. I got my phone
back...took 2 weeks, makes me wonder if I'll EVER see him
again. lol. I'm still not suppose to call him. But, I've
been good and helpful. So, just maybe. I dunno. I just want
it all over with, I want to be able to be with him, and I
just want everything to be ok. I wish there was more I
could do, but I know there isn't. *sigh* oh well,
*waits...forever if necessary*
I'll update later...if I can...doubt it though cuz it's 9
and trish will probably steal the computer at any time.