All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2003-03-23 23:53:23 (UTC)

written on wednesday

the following entry was actually written on wednesday
evening when i had no internet access

well here i am sitting on my ass...bored as all hell. i'm
in the auditorium at good ole south jefferson central. its
looking like this musical is gonna really suck. my oh my
i'm rather pessimistic tonight. so i guess they're gonna
pay me to play snare and bass. its oklahoma so it'll
be "boom chick boom chick" all night. i already miss
jamie. this is a bad thing considering i'm not supposed to
give two shits about her right now. oh wait i never
explained all the crap that went down. basically, a couple
people had told me she made out with some guy when we were
getting closer. now the "real" truth is that, yes she did
make out with this guy, but it was months ago before she
really knew me. course it gets even juicier cause she
pulls something stupid like, "even if i did make out with
him recently, you don't have a right to be upset." i find
this absurd considering she has admitted several times that
we are more than friends. we weren't dating, but running
on the previously stated facts, i believe i would be
entitled to have some bad feelings if she had done such a
thing. the thing that gets me the most is that she just
refuses that people have feelings and won't accept that i'm
a little irked. when she says something like "even if i
had" that makes the whole matter even more suspicious. i
don't know who to trust now. my roommate agrees with me
that i would've been better off if i'd never met the girl.
it really sucks when you go two years being single and then
you get kinda close with someone and it all falls through.
not having a chance with anyone could've saved me a lot of
time that would be spent doing productive things in
college. i've decided not to pursue anything with jamie.
normally i would, because i'm stupid like that, but its too
close to the end of the semester for me to keep getting bad
grades. soooooo this dress rehearsal was supposed to start
at 6 o'clock and its 20 of 7 now. oddness! it seems that
sitting on a drum throne is a rather convenient place to
use your laptop. my ass still hasn't fallen
asleep....much. ok, now there's a bunch of parents just
staring at me cause i'm the only person sitting in the
pit. "woooooow look at him, he's doing nothing." yup,
thats me. at least the actors are in costume. i'm getting
the impression that someone misinformed me. what a
wonderful trend of misinformation i've been receiving. i
usually don't write this much but there's seriously nothing
else to do. i'm gonna hate being in my house with my
mother for 4 days straight. this was supposed to be some
leisure time with jamie but that fell through obviously.
uh oh looks like we might be actually doing something.