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2003-03-23 23:20:20 (UTC)

Old News

Dearest Starr,
Yes, I KNOW that I haven't written in 4 months. Big
deal. Just kidding! Ok, well, I really don't keep up with
this diary, because I really don't consider this as my
diary. I have a real online diary at
Except, my REAL actual diary is not online, because people
can soooo hack into online diaries. Who wants to risk that?
Unless you have a puvlic diary. That's ok. Like my upsaid
one. But see, that's why I barely ever write in this. Ya
know? Well, c ya. Maybe i'll write in here again in like a
year. LOL! I usually forget. Well, ciao Starr! See you
later. (Yes.)

Yours Sincerely,

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