skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-03-23 22:54:18 (UTC)

its been a while

Well hello to whoever reads this. Its been a while since i
have written in this. Where to start off? Well lately ive
had bad luck in the dating sence. I really like this girl
but she just used me to make her ex b/f jealous, so that
sucked and now i dont have a date to sadies because she
wants to go with her ex. But Ashley who is the best made me
feel better. Now im trying to see who i could ask to
sadies, but so far i came up with Adrianna who is my best
friend and maybe i could ask D if she wants to go cause a
little part of me still has a crush on her. But on a side
note I went to CIF for wrestling and yeah so that was
pretty cool. Um what else? I met this pretty cool girl on
friday named melanie. Ok get this. I was being bored like
always during 3rd period and i was taping up this action
figure to the window and this girl walks by (melanie)and
smiles at me so i smile back and when she was walking back
she starts talking to me so i thinki i made a new friend.
After school on friday i went to my friend Georges and they
played a show at pioneer but that went to hell because
there stuff started to go haywire. But other from that ive
been ok Its just girls that have been getting me down. But
oh well hopefully i will find a girl. Well i have to go and
work out so yeah.