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2003-03-23 22:05:17 (UTC)

Leto Atreides

Okay, so I just watched "Children of Dune" on the Sci-fi
channel last week and now I'm completely obsessed with the
character Leto Atreides II. The actor who played him was
soooo HOT and adorable. But Leto is way too close with his
sister!!! Grr...I mean, they kissed at one scene! Okay, so
it was only a peck on the lips but still!!! So I was so
entranced by this movie that I looked forward to seeing
the following episode each day (it was a 6 hour miniseries
given over a period of 3 days) and now that it's over, I
don't have anything to look forward to. LoL. They're
giving it for the last time today along with "Dune" which
is basically about Leto's father. It was pretty good. Man
oh man, Leto is one HOT kid. ^_^ I even went to the book
store to buy "God Emperor of Dune" to see what happens
next in the Dune saga. Maybe they'll make a third movie
sometime in the near future. I hope so, and I hope that
James McAvoy plays Leto again. Heehee. Well, tah tah~


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