Queen Kate

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2003-03-23 21:12:33 (UTC)

I love you Gregy

Well here is another story about me and my lover gregy! jk!
Anyways the story is that one human relations class i
started going, " I love you gregy!" to greg the biggest
weirdo ever(and that is a poilete way of putting it)! He
was like this isn't real it wasn't but everybody at our
table was like don't you break her heart! and stuff like
that. It was really funny! then he said that we were all
crazy, so i said that we were crazy about loving gregy! it
was soooo funny! but then we stopped. as a joke i wrote on
his paper greg Kate = Love! it was soooo funny

We stopped finally and he has never actted the same around
me. My heart has been broken by a nerd!! boo hoo! boo hoo!


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