Blood, Fire, Tears, and Misery
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2003-03-23 20:24:30 (UTC)

back and beginning life again

well, just arrived back from ireland yesterday...what fun!!!
yesterday was quite tiring seeing that i didn't sleep the
night before and had to travel about 9 hours on a plane..

i'm just waiting to get pictures back of my lovely i'm excited about next summer when i plan to
backpack across europe for 3 months..that should be really

man i got so much school work to do it isn't even funny...

it was weird when i got home and checked my messages david
called me (a guy i had dated for a month or so last summer)
and said he had an unusual dream about me and then said he
thinks he has some kind of fixation with me (then he said he
was kidding but it only sounded like he was half kidding) so
i don't know what to think abou