2003-03-23 18:39:31 (UTC)

Another spell...

I just had to do another spell. I couldn't sleep recently.
I had a constant feeling of spirits that just wouldn't
leave. I was afraid of the dark, much more then usual. My
dreams had become more disturbed, and I woke up one day
when I was right on the first stage of sleep screaming. For
the first time ever I woke up screaming. I seen a yarn like
spider that we used to make for kitty to play with when he
was a kitten. It was huge and it was heading towards me
from the closet. (My boom box is in the closet, along with
my clothes right next to my bed. a.k.a. floor.) Mom ran in
the room thinking I had a seizure. I left the night light
on after that.

Didn't work. I woke up at 2 a.m. sweating, and as usual,
feeling uneasy. Arthur and Danish were walking about so I
just said, that's it I'm getting up and getting some salt
and water in my room.

Eventually I came across a spell to get rid of negative
energy. Having all the ingredients (amazingly) I cast it,
and had a good sleep afterwards. Though when dad came home
he was complaigning about the scent of burning sage. He
thoght it was me burning incense though. He doesn't mind me
doing spells now. It's great.

I almost woke up late for school. I feel much better
myself, and my rooms energy is much better too. I think
some of the negative might have come from the disturbed day
dreams I get in my head when I have nothing better to do.
It must have rubbed off on the room.


In other news, Karoline is in town, and yesterday we had a
fun day. Guess what we did. We went to the laundry. A 24
hour laundromat on a Saturday night. I wasn't even
sarcastic saying that. So after we got the fuzz off of her
black clothes, which was the whole reason for going to the
place, we went to Paris as a reward.

We were hoping to get the ditzie chick as a waitress, but
instead we came to find a whole new staff. Not only that,
the place was enlarged and crowded as hell. The service was
really screwy so we didn't leave a tip. But Karoline is
here for spring break, and I'm done with international days.

Let me explain...


NO MORE CAN CAN! It's kinda nice that it's over, kinda not.
It was exhausting while it was there. But I miss it cause
it was alot of fun. Now I gotta catch up on my work, and I
didn't do my homework from Chem again. I really need
tutoring. I gotta get with that guy soon. Int. Days is over
so I might just have more time. Alot of things have stacked
up though. Freestreet performances on the stairs start this
Friday. School play rehearsal starts this monday. Class
play is still in rehearsal progress. I need to find some
time afterschool for him to tutor me in.

Eish. So much theatre so little time.


Guess what. I lost weight. Don't know how really. Don't
know why. Just know some of it is gone. I didn't go on a
diet. I think it's just the whole can can thing and theatre
that helped me. I also gained muscle. I feel stronger, and
it's a beautiful day, so I might just go out in some
capri's and a short, short shirt.