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today is the greatest day
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2003-03-23 11:47:32 (UTC)

World Cup Night

Well well well.. I am writing in the gap of innings for the
cricket world cup. Australia just got their highest ever
score against India.. 359 runs... So Hmm it looks like
they've won I'd say. I don't know if I'll bother to stay up
and watch the end of the match sonsidering that it's almost
dead certain that Australia will win and I have to go to
Uni tommorrow morning. Me and my brother went to see Gangs
of New York today. It's pretty cool.. but at the same time
I'd have to say that it's the crappest Martin Scorsese film
I've ever seen. Hmm Oscars are tommorrow night.. I wonder
who shall win. This year was not a tops year for movies I
thought... But oh well the oscars are always fun anyway. I
didn't get to see all the nominated films though.. which I
always plan on doing.. I still haven't seen "the hours"
or "the pianist". Hmm oh well too bads for me.. I think
it's prolly too late now. Ooooh well I might just go and
see what the cricket now has instore.. Till next time...!