Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-03-23 11:09:15 (UTC)


Ahh!*Panicks* They really ARE trying to kill us! They shot
one of our planes down..."friendly fire" Fuck that. We
should bloody blow up some of their ships. see how they
like that! Well, maybe that's a bit tight, some of them are
probably really nice people. Blow up a burger van...make
them suffer.

A news team missing in Iraq--urr...why don't they just ban
them all?! Well...not all but it's ridiculous. I bet
there's enough camera men and journalist and reporters to
make up a whole new regiment. Now, I knew correspondance is
important at a time like this, and we need more than one or
two views, but bloody hell...there's thousands of them!

They're off again...the protesters. "Police officers have come under
attack from bottles and stones being thrown at them and have had to
change into protective clothing." Now..if this wasn't an anti-war
protest they would have got arrested.

Also...a number tried to get into the Menwith Airbase. If they had
succeded would they have gotten busted for trespassing? I doubt
it...if it was any other person but a protester on any other day they
would, but because those skanky, stinky, scruffy protesters are out
in force, England is once again a lawless country for a day.
The only reason there are so many of them is because they all make
their children tag along! Children who have no clue what's going on
or why the're there. They have their faces painted.. find it fun and
go to the next rally. Their parents tell them war is bad--everyone
knows war is bad and if u don' have some serious mental
problems, but this is something that can't be resolved anyother way.
These "freedon of rights" hippys who are totally against every
political party are doing what Hitler did. Indoctrinating the kids
into thinking something that not every one agrees with--Mr Adolf avec
the Jews.