Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-03-23 07:04:51 (UTC)

thiny grrls, and lovely womyn

according to some of the grrls and womyn
who have read my little rant last night...

i am not in fact as much of an asshole as
i originally thought.


it did allow me to address some of the finer
points of whom it is, and rather what it is
that i find attractive in the fairer sex...

1) eyes, for it is said that they are the windows
through which the soul shines brightest

2) chemistry, by this, i think i mean pheromones,
we all have them, and either we get the other
person, or we dont

3) brains vs brawn, you can look like the other
beauty freaks on the cover of a magazine, and
have a knockout slim frame with breasts that
are too big for your frame, but unless you can
hold a conversation with me, even argue or
have a roaring laugh and have some fun

i don't want you... forget it... whats the point
in even starting something

you know, i've thought about it too..

i've tried the whole online dating thing, for
a little while... couple of months, and for all
the poeple who tell me it's great and it works

i've found it, to be, well... nothing

i'm really, not impressed...

i think i've talked to about 5 or 6 grrls/womyn
and honestly, i don't think i've impressed
any of them

in fact i think i have scared them all off..

or, in some cases, bored them to death..

which really sucks...

honesty sucks too... i've been thinking i
am a little too honest and forthcoming
is that really a bad thing?

i mean really? is it?