Jamie H

Pretty Baby
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2003-03-23 06:52:22 (UTC)

Senior Dayz

Well, I only have about 3 more months of H.S. and I am
kinda glad I can move on to my main goal in my life. I
want to accomplish it. I want to show my mom that I can be
what I want to be as long as I try hard. I think I will
show her. I know I said I don't want to be like her . . .
but I have learner from her. I think I will always learn
from her. I am not going to marry so soon. I am going to
make sure things are going great. I have only fell in love
once and it was bittersweet since his mother didn't like
him. I know I have been engaged twice . . . but I don't
want to do that again until I have a steady job which would
be the police officer. I met this really cool guy . . .
his name is Bill . . . him and I are taking it very slow. I
don't want to take it fast with this one because he is an
angel. I think that him and I are very much in liking of
another. Which it starts with liking and then onto love.
Him and I say we love eachother but I don't know if he
knows what love is . . . I don't even thing I know what
the TRUE TRUE meaning is. I have been in love with
Danny . . . but he wasn't here and I wasn't there. So it
was online love. Bill and I have been going on dates for a
month next Sunday . . . A month goes by fast. Tomorrow he
is going to church and can't come over. I think he should
come see me!! Just kidding . . . Family first. I strongly
believe that. Eventhough sometimes I don't show it.
Tomorrow I am going to see my sister and my neiece . . . I
haven't seen them in awhile. Well, my best friend still
isn't talking to me but what is new with that. That is who
I wrote the poem for. It is in the entry before called:
Come back to me written by: Jamie H . . . which is me!
Anyway . . . I am going to bed now . . . it is 10:51
PM . . . and I doubt Bill will be online. I wrote him a
goodnight letter and wishing him tomorrow would go fine.