Jamie H

Pretty Baby
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2003-03-23 06:41:30 (UTC)

Come back to me

Come back to me
By: Jamie

I finally shed the tears that were hidden inside,
when I saw you I just wanted to ball,
The pain I had to hide,

You helped me take off the outer shell and you saw me on
the inside,
I wanted to fall on my knees in front of you,
Just to show you that I am dying inside with you by my side,

I thought we are best friends,
You let things get between us,
I guess it shows you that you things change and always will
until the end,

I try to say sorry millions of ways,
I IM you and then sign off,
You don't wanna hear what I have to say,

Then reality hits,
I am not going to be your friend ever,
I have a whole in my heart for you and nothing fits,

Nothing completes me as you complete me,
You hurt too inside your heart and you don't wanna know it
Something you don't sit and think and see,

You can't tell anyone else your hopes, dreams and fears,
I hope you realize that,
I hope it brings you fear,

I picture you sitting in the dark,
Just sitting in the empty room,
Empty room like your empty heart,

As I sit here I hope that one day you will come back,
All I can do is hope and dream,
Oh will you come back??