Randi Lynn

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2003-03-23 02:23:30 (UTC)


Last night i fell asleep on the couch. That wher ei was supsed to
sleep anyway- but at the time, 8:30, I didnt lie down with the
intention of sleeping. But I fell asleep. I remember waking up for a
short moment, and seeing my father covering me with the
sleeping bag (that I would have used as a blanket when i was to
go to bed). I woke up atround 12:30 AM, and watched Titan A.E.
then went back to sleep. i woke up, at the right time in the morning,
say around 8ish, and finished reading Two Towers. ...from LoTR.
Great book. I knew Frodo didnt really die. ....no, seriously. I knew
he didnt. They aint gonna kill the main charactor. that's pretty much
what he is. I watched Spiderman with my dad. Earlier I was
thinking how Titan A.E. was my favorite movie - Ive watched it over
10 times. I change my mind. I like Spiderman better. soooooo
much better. I loved it. its great. I want to see daredevil. I hope they
come out with a Spiderman 2...I know they well, they set it up,
with...Goblin's son saying "im gonna get that spiderman" Heath
Ledger was suposed to play as spiderman...btu he turned the role
down. Heath Ledger is VERY sexy. though my attention was
turned from him when i found he smokes, but i still think he's sexy. I
admit, when i woke up at midnight last night, i watched Titan A.E.
because i couldnt sleep. I was frightened. Paranoid, if you must.
sumthin' was gonna get me. turns out that snapped sound i kept
hearing over torwards the sliding glass doors that are behind me
right now was just the fish tank. Not that tthat is gonna stop me
from beign fightned tonight. but ill keep reminding myself that its
just the fish tnak..and imagine that im safe, and warm, curled up in
*someones* arms. - 9:22 PM

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