Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-03-23 02:20:59 (UTC)

I'm so happy that today is over

Today back at work sucked as usual. I am so sick of the
racist, sexist, assholes there. Also, I'm sick of being
alone, but I am happy that I am I have a plan to move.

I am sick of having no real friends. But at least my life
isn't as screwed up as some people I know. I talked to
Michelle tonight and she was telling me about how horrible
her life is. I could never imange having a 8 year old
child right now in my life. Being so overweight that I
have no chance of ever getting thin and still living at
home. I know my life is pretty shitty by some standers,
but compared to her life, hell, I'm in heaven...

OH by the way on the 20th (the day after the "WAR" started)
was my 28th birthday so I am feeling both happy and sad...
but like I saying, atleat I'm doing better than some.