Watch me lose it...
2003-03-22 23:54:53 (UTC)

Beginning of the end

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Attack Injures 10 U.S. Troops in Kuwait
11 minutes ago

KUWAIT CITY - The camp of the 101st Airborne Division in
Kuwait was attacked early Sunday with grenades and small
arms fire, wounding 10, including six seriously, U.S.
military officials said.

"From our reports it appears that a terrorist penetrated
Camp Pennsylvania, one or more terrorists threw two hand
grenades into a tent," said George Heath, spokesman at Fort
Campbell, home base of the 101st.

He said 10 people were wounded, six seriously.

If forces in Iraq do manage to take control of Baghdad.
This is the kind of thing they will face almost daily. More
soliders will be killed during occupation than during
taking the place. This will be another vietnam. This will
lead to other reprisals. This will lead to a nuclear war of
huge proportions, ending with extreme scorched earth and
thermo nuclear war in 2012 when 90% of the earths human
population will die. The south Americans predicted it
thousands of years ago. Issac Newton predicted the end of
the world by 2050. Time is running out for us all.

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