No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-03-22 23:53:27 (UTC)

Fairytale Love

boredum strikes again!
Fairytale Love

Hoping for something to good to be true,
Hoping I could be happy and always be with you.

Things always happen,
Something always goes wrong,
Then every second,
Is an eternity too long.

I took it forgranted,
All the freedom we had,
I never thought
It would turn out this bad.

Spending hours on the phone,
Just to hear your voice,
Listening, laughing,
Never alone.

Every free moment,
Was spent with you,
In between classes,
And after school.

Everything was perfect,
I was with you,
We were free and happy,
And did what teens do.

Fairytale love,
Too good to be true,
We were able to do,
What we wanted to do.

Fairytale love,
Too good to be true,
I feel so alone,
When I'm not with you.

~Ashley Bott
I have my phone back! FINALLY! lol.
I love you Terry


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