Visions Of Life
2003-03-22 23:17:43 (UTC)


terrorism: The unlawful use or threatened use of force or
violence by a person or an organized group against people
or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing
societies or governments, often for ideological or
political reasons.

The Following was not written by me but I like it and want
to share. Hope he doesnt mind...


Who is the terrorist now? you fight for world peace, but
what kind of "peace" are you going to achieve if it means
being at your feet or getting killed.

Who is the terrorist now? you attack brothers who only
want a bit of the power you've already stolen from them.

Who is the terrorist now? you cry for the dead on the twin
towers incident, but your revenge was held long before
that even happened. If you have great powers of foreseer,
then foresee that this is not our war. it's merely yours.
And yet we're going to be affected by your greed.

Who is the terrorist now? why would anyone want to have
total control of a world they themselves are going to

Who is the terrorist now? you say you want justice, but
you don't pay attention to the cries of your own people.

Who is the terrorist now? Bush, you say Hussein is a
brutal killer, but your family is famous for the death of
more people than those who died under Hitler's regiment.

So who is the terrorist now? a world that wants to
survive, or a FLAG that wants to destroy it?

GOD BLESS AMERICA. a god that does not exist and a land
that is far from blessed.

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