The crazy world of me
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2003-03-22 19:26:20 (UTC)


So last night I got so high and I got online and wrote
this really long entry and then sherry picks up the phone
to kick me offline. It she needed the phone she could of
told me so I would be kicked off and loose that whole
thing. She is such a cocksucker.
Anyway so Ricky and I have been e-mailing each other back
and forth to try to settle things between him and I. So he
suggested we talk on the phone so I was like okay you know
whatever. So last night I talked to him and we talked for
like an hour. It was like the old days with him. It was
really nice but I for real don't want to start liking this
kid again because I think I am just about over him. I mean
I will ALWAYS have feelings for him because he was my first
but I just want that to be it. You guys get what I am
saying? So our conversation started off kind of bumpy but
then it went really good. I don’t know he keeps telling me
we are friends but I just don’t know. I guess I am just
going to have to realize it is never going to be the same.
Oh so he has a girlfriend right and last night he said
something a long the lines of having another go round with
me before he leaves. I was like okay because I am not
going to lie I like his penis. And then he was saying
how he was staying for some of the summer and I was like we
should hang out sometime and he was like what will we do
and I said I don’t know we can figure something out and
then he said something like oh I’m sure we could meaning us
screwing. So I am kind of curious to how long this
relationship is going to last with his girlfriend.
Obviously he can’t be with just one person because they
haven’t even been going out a week and he is talking about
screwing me. I guess that means I’m good or something
because he keeps coming back.
Anyway enough about him. Oh so this guy Tom at my work
likes me and I just don’t like him like that. He is not my
type. I mean he is a really nice guy and we are friends
and that’s as far as I want it to go. People at work are
encouraging me to go out with him but ummm NO. I don’t
know how to tell him that I don’t like him like that
because I don’t want to hurt his feelings or anything. He
told my sister that she couldn’t move back to electronics
with me because then he wouldn’t know who to hit on. Then
he was like yeah I really like her she is crazy but she
makes me laugh. I just don’t know what to do does anyone
know????? I always catch him starring at me and that
drives me nuts. I hate people starring at me.
Oh so last night we got so high and we thought that we
lost the weed and I think we looked for it for like 20
minutes and then we finally found it in a Mexican pizza box
from taco bell. Oh my gosh it was so funny I laughed for
like ever about that. I need to stop getting high for a
while though because I don’t want to be getting addicted or
anything like that. Well, I have to go get ready for work
so bye!