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2003-03-22 18:55:43 (UTC)

Love and War, War and Love.

Ok, today I am going to the movies with my Boyfriend
(Levon). I really dont like him and I dont have the heart
to break up with him, again. I broke up with him the other
day. He came back to me and I felt kinda emtpy without him.
But now it just feels like he is dragging me along. He is
always too busy for me. HE IS ONLY 13! How busy can one 13
year old get? Yes, I understand he has band. But everyday
it seems he cant talk or do anything because he is too
busy. It is sooooo annoying. But I really want to break up
with him. There is another guy on my mind that happens to
like me, and I like him too, a whole lot. And now I just
feel like I am babysitting my boyfriend. It is sad. I know
I shouldnt feel this way. And I feel like a cheap slut.
But, I just cant help how I feel. I am wondering if I
should Break up with him or stay with him. If anyone that
is reading this has any suggestions, PLEASE WRITE ME!!! I
really need some help. And Jessica doesnt even know what I
should do. Jessica is my Best Friend. She is so incredibly
awesome. I .