Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-22 17:49:32 (UTC)

Watch Me Shine

Me and Suiren went shopping today! It was really fun, and i
got loads of stuff. We even got the condoms for her
boyfriend! It was soo funny.

We 'acquired' them, i.e. nicked them. It was easy. We
grabbed the box and ran into another part to put them in
the bag. Then we went looking for clothes, and met my mum
who bought me a top, black with pink flowers, then we went
to get some trousers to go with it, black combats, then I
got another top, this one was blue camoflage, really pale
blue and nearly see-through. Really nice!

Then my mum buggered off again and we went to La Senza
[linergerie shop] and Suiren acquired a bra for both of us.
Mine was Little Miss Naughty in white and purple. XD And we
went to Claires Accessories [pretty obvious....] and
acquired two necklaces, a cross and a long one with pink
roses on it.

Lots of fun, even though mum wouldn't let me have white coz
she said it'd make me look too washed out. Come on, I'm not
THAT flippin pale. Maybe a little, but not that much. no

I'm gonna look really cool this summer! I am so in the
summer mood now! Today I dressed all in black, thong, bra,
socks, boots, cap, top [black with a silver dragon on] and
pants [trousers]. I looked well cool!

Suiren was all in white, and she looked stunning too! But
coz I was wearing my black boots I was much taller than
her, and I am anyway.... People would think I was her big
sister. Apparently, I look sixteen! YAY!

Lol. anyway, i have started an FF8 fanfic, "Idou No
Nanimokamo – A Change Of Everything". The main character is
called Misuteri, and she is only about six years old. She's
really cool already. The other main chara's are the
original FFVIII ones, and Faye [a doctor] and Raya [her
cousin and a SeeD]. I can't wait to write it!

It's Soyokaze's [my sister's] birthday tomorrow, she'll be
nine! Wow, she is growing up so fast! I got her a beyblade
and a cute "Star Sister" from me to you bear! ^^

Heheh, been having another good day. Hard to believe from
me, huh? ^^;;

See ya!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox [X-tra
enthusiastic for Spring]!!!!!!

Fave words:

Sunshine, August, Summer, happiness, warmth, beauty,
Spring, April, love, enthusiasm.

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