No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-03-22 17:19:54 (UTC)

Some shit

Read this bullshit from Tricia:

You know what, you little spoiled ass twat licking bitch?
No matter what anyone ever does for you, whether bending
over backwards until their back breaks or giving you
everything this world has to offer, youll still want more.
You're an ungrateful, pimple puss eating bitch who thinks
the world should ever so gracefully revolve around you and
meet all youre simplest, fondest, and wildest dreams. Well
sorry, sweetheart, it doesnt work that way. You need to
get youre stanky, dumb, shit eating ass out of the rat
infested gutter and come back to real life. You cant live
in a fucking fantasy world where all that matters is you.
You're hurt, understandable. You're bitchy,
understandable. But you have no fucking reason to go talk
shit behind my back and expect me to take it. Im not just
some frog in the middle of the road thats going to stand
there and watch you run me over with a semi. You're a
fucking idiot if you think that. We all make mistakes,
granted. But most of us actually CARE that we did, and
want to fix it. You dont give a flying, sitting or
standing fuck either way. You're a sick, sad, pathetic
excuse for a person who needs to grow up and smell the
sweet scent of rotten roses. Life isnt all peachy, my
dear. And you're not going to get what you want.

Grow up and realize that.
Yeah, umm...first off, she has no room to talk shit about
me. She isn't perfect or an angel by ANY means. Second, I
dont talk shit behind her back, I talk it to her, or in my
diary will she will read it. I'm not like her, I dont talk
shit in the halls to her best friends. I actually DO care
about what I did and I DO care abot the effect it had on
people. She is the one that needs to grow up and smell
herself. She needs to grow up.