Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-03-22 17:04:25 (UTC)

Someday'll I Be Saturday Night?


All adjectives I use to describe other people. OK, so I've
got a bit of a food crisis at the moment (I blame the guy
who normally takes me shopping, the lazy b'stard) but
nothing so bad as to take my dynamism away. Yet still I
don't want to do anything lively. Luckily, I've finished
the one piece of work today, minus some symbols, so if I
do the other over the next 2 days, I'll only have 2 more
things to do until the end of the year.

That's not enough to make me be as tired/weary as I am
today. Why? Why? Why? Don't I want to go out, get drunk,
and do everything and anything I can to 'improve' my life?
Because I can't? Its not me, I don't think....jeepers, I
don't know. All I know is that I'm happy enough the way it
is right now, except for occasional pangs feeling I'm
missing out on a big wide world.

Is it big?

Its not wide, I know that.

WILT? George Harrison - My Sweet Lord