SuGaR RuSh
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2003-03-22 15:45:15 (UTC)

*vroom*vroom* *giggle*

wow...yesterday was soooo fun..1st after skool me n boop
tried on prom dresses....and i have 3 picked out...let me
tell u aboot dem....the 1st one is just like a plain light
purple dess...cute...and i was wearin it in the dressin
room and this lady walks outta her room and shes like "omg
let me c!! soo pretty! that color looks sooo good on u!!"
and i was like ekkk self esteem 10 pts up!....and the 2nd
dress is wonderful...i fell in love w/ it...its black w/
white flowers all over it and it has like a train..and it
has white flowers all down the back and on the train
part...i love it..and the 3rd one..OH lordyyy....its like a
realllyyyy dark dark blue but its like silvery 2...its hard
2 ties around the neck and it has
silver rinestones all over it...and they go down the
backside 2...krysten like died when she saw it....its
sooooooooooooooooo pretty, takin mummy 2 show her
2day after im dun soo flippin exicted....and
then jd got his new car so he picked me n boop up in that
then we went 2 his house and got matthew andrew and we like
went 2 the outback..mmmm baby lol..then we went2 jds and me
n him were like fightin all nite so me n boop walked/ran
around the block 4 a while..and then we all took a walk
2gether then we drove around 4 a lil then we went 2 south
park...and i drove....yes yes u read that in
me...JULIE...drove a motor was only in the
parking lot...and jds new car is a stick so i had 2 learn
all of that...i stalled his car like 4 times..then i
finally drove...its sooooooooooooooooooooo fun......i cant
wait 2 do it all the time...oh lordy....matt n krysten were
dyein cuz i was shakin so hard..i thought i was gunna piss
my pants....then we went bowling...thatwas was jd
n boop and me n matt ....we got killed....212 to like
72....boops score was more then mine and matts 2gether
lol...we all wanted 2 leave cuz all these ppl from skool
were there all drunk n high and we all didnt like them yeah
well...hopefully ill drive again 2 nite...i g2g get ready 4
workieeeee ill write later...peace out gurl scout...(i
almost died when i heard my bro said that 2 me LOLOL)...

kissy kissy