Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-03-22 15:01:56 (UTC)

Realism in my own world

A long time ago, back in my childhood things were a
lot better....much more different than today too. I dunno I
guess this is just a change with the times. I mean I still
have a lot fun but geez.... everyone I knew and grew up
with from my childhood has changed so much..... Some of my
friends aren't even close to being themselves anymore.
I gues I can forget about finding a wife in a girl
that grew up with. Everyone is into rap, and pimping and
sex and especially drugs...... Its like that for almost
every guy i bump into. And not just them! Its girls too! I
can't stand it at all. I feel left out and alone. I'm 17
and I don't even cuss. -Thats why I never talk, thats my
secret. I'll always be quiet, I'll be this way all of my
life until I find a girl who isn't like everyone else.
Well duh, I hope I don't sound like a total jerk who
wants a perfect world! Well I do..... but geez I mean who
dosen't?! Well, I just felt like writing something anyway
my court date is comming up... you know for mising school
and all. I hop everything goes alright on the 28th. later

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