William Wong

who knows
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2003-03-22 13:48:51 (UTC)

Losing incentives...

The interview today is the worst I have ever had. How can
one leave 3/4 of the required answers blank? The only
logical explanation: stupidity. God, please help me.

One of the most regreting events: a person could have
grasped an opportunity had he done better.


Not sure why, but losing incentives these days. No mood to
study, no mood to apply for jobs, no mood to even ring
a friend. Please come back, my 'momentum'!!!

Selina raised a good point: what's the point of an online
diary, if we are not reveiling the deepest feeling, as in
our own diary?
A quick response to that: I never write my own diary.
Response on 2nd thought: it's never easy to put down the
deepest thoughts in words.