Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-03-22 12:41:23 (UTC)

I worked and then died to the world

I'm feeling quite poetic tonight. I wrote some haikus on
poetry.com. I thought they were cool. hmm yes. I went to
work today, then came home and did nothing (congratulations
michael). Cam got beat up last night, he woke up in
hospital. Hmm I pray he heals up. Yeah poetry is very cool.
I love Uni, I already have such a stronger grasp of a lot
of things that i have been passionate for, it's very cool..
by the time I've finished the course I will be quite
masterful I hope. I am listening to Something for Kate. Yes
that is true. I read a 70 page book of poetry tonight
entitled "flight animals" it was alright. Hmmm. Yes well
there is nothing more to say. I might go to bed. Goodnight.